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Supply Chain Eco-system







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Logistics and transportation in the e-commerce era

供應鏈管理涵蓋物流、資訊流和金流的整合。物流又涵蓋inventory management, inventory positioning, logistic route assignment 等議題。In this research direction, we are interested in the inventory positioning, logistics and transportation, and resource sharing problems.


Supply contract (供應契約) on e-commerce platforms

Supply contracts are a major coordinating mechanism that is useful in aligning the interests of supply chain partners. A contract is said to coordinate a supply chain if the set of optimal decisions is a Nash equilibrium. Many contracts are in use in many industries. The major types are the two-part tariff, quantity discount, revenue sharing, quantity-flexibility, and buy-back contracts. In this research direction, we are interested in designing supply contracts for the e-commerce retailing platforms.